So maybe you are doing a phenomenal job of eating healthy at home, but in the work environment, you face catered lunches, mandatory happy hours, and company dinners that make sticking to your healthy habits challenging to say the least. The fact is, you most likely spend a GREAT chunk of your time at work so you might as well learn how to spin work life situations in your favor.

Previously, I worked in the corporate world; so I know the struggle first hand. Here’s what I’ve found actually works to keep you living that healthy life while at the office!


  • Inconsistent eating patterns because of work schedules
  • No access to healthy food choices
  • Eating at your desk while working
  • Consuming too much caffeine and not enough water
  • Eating to stay awake or out of boredom
  • Social pressures – morning donuts and office celebrations

Tips For Success

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1.   Start Meal Prepping

Create a meal plan for the week.

Grocery shop and organize your food plan for the work week.

Cook in bulk ahead of time!



large-15 copy2.   Bring Your Own Lunch

Saves money, time and gives you control of healthiness.

Lunch does not always have to be a sandwich – be creative!

Leftovers from the night before make an awesome lunch.




3.   Chill Out On The Caffeine And Up H20

Even being slightly dehydrated can leave you feeling tired and sluggish.

Start each day with a full bottle of water at your desk.

Create calendar reminder to down water to avoid the afternoon slump. Avoid energy drinks and access coffee consumption – let water and food give you energy!


large-17 copy 24.   Start An Emergency Healthy Food Stash

For the days when you over sleep and have no time for breakfast or forget your lunch, keep healthy food at the office so you’re always prepared.




large-225.   Move Around

Get up and move every 30 minutes.

Stand and stretch.

Take a walk on your lunch.

Stand during a conference call.


large-216.  Learn To Say No Thank You

Food pushers range from well-intentioned loved ones to total diet saboteurs. Regardless of their motivation, it’s important to stick to your guns.

The Push: “It’s my specialty, you have to try it!” Your Response: “I will in a bit!”

The Push: “If you don’t try my dish, I’m just going to have to force you to eat it!” Your Response: “Sorry, but I don’t like (or can’t eat) [insert ingredient here].”


large-17 copy 37.   Indulge in Your Absolute Favorites

When something is really calling your name, or a special event is going on, go ahead and indulge. Keep your portions in check.

Savor every bite, eating slowly and fully enjoying the experience.

Afterwards, get right back to your usual healthy eating plan.


8-flavors-of-glee-gum-fan8. Utilize The Mint Trick

Travel toothbrush at work and brush after meals.

Pop mint, gum or even better sip on peppermint tea to avoid eating more (gum should be additive free).



large-1 copy 29.  Ask Yourself These Questions

Am I really hungry?

Will I feel better or worse eating that?

Have I gotten up to move in the last hour?

When was the last time I drank water?


large-1910. Post Motivation All Over Your Work Space

Post motivational quotes that are meaningful to you on your desk and computer screen.

Write your health goal on a post it and stick it where you will see it daily.  


Try out these tricks and let me know what you think!