Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” How powerful that would be?

Instead, most of like to chill out in our comfort zone. This makes perfect sense, as our comfort zone is our natural, at ease feeling state — a place where stress and anxiety are minimal, where we know what’s coming next and can plan accordingly. There’s nothing wrong with being in your comfort zone, but stepping outside is an important factor in personal growth. How can you expect to evolve in your life if you only stick to habit and routine? There’s great possibility outside your comfort zone that could literally change your life.

The good news is that you don’t have to take a gigantic leap outside of your comfort zone to reach new heights. Simply challenging yourself to take small steps will allow for both you and your comfort zone grow!

Here are small 5 steps you can take this week. Why wait?



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1. Make eye contact and smile. Put down your iphone for 5 minutes and smile at someone. Feels strange? Do it anyways! Smiling builds confidence and it can also literally make someone’s day… including your own!



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2. Change up your routine. Most of us are creatures of habits. We like our routines because they feel comfortable and safe. Commit to mixing one thing up each day. Take a different route to work. Try a new restaurant. Wear a new lipstick shade. Go vegetarian for a week. Purchase a Groupon to experience something new.



large-11 copy3. Dine out solo. If you feel awkward, it will show; so sit at the bar and act as if you own the place! Have fun with it because odds are no one gives a doo-doo whether you are alone or not. By simply doing things you would usually do with someone else on your own, you are exercising your ability to make decisions on your own.



large-11 copy 24. Trust yourself and make a quick decision. If your someone who weighs all possible outcomes serval times before making a decision, it’s time to practice going with your gut! Don’t overthink. Make a snap decision and be ok with it!




5large-14 copy. Makeover your mindset. Changing our thoughts can help us get what we want. This takes mental stamina and discipline. A helpful way to start retraining your mind is by creating affirmations having to do with what you desire and/or whom you want to become and say them every day. Eventually these affirmations will become a part of your belief system.

When you do the things that you think you can’t, your comfort zone will expand!

Even doing something small every day will lead you to something bigger. Don’t forget that fear is normal. The key is to not let it debilitate you.  Acknowledge your fears as normal and choose to be brave and move forward anyways. You will grow and begin to feel unstoppable!