Bye-bye bad mood 👋

We all have bad days and at some point in life we’ve all hit a rough patch, a period where we don’t feel like ourselves and life feels heavy. It happens and it’s ok. But, the trick is how to get out of that place. You must pick yourself up and keep going. Why? Life is just too short to live down in the dumps.

So how exactly do you pull yourself out of a funk?

First, you must realize that you are in the driver’s seat. One of my favorite lessons from Danielle Laporte is that you can not always control what happens to you, but you can always control how you feel about it. You hold the power to turn things around. You can change your outlook, your routine, or your vocabulary at any time in service of how you truly want to feel. I’ll admit some days changing things up is easier than others which is why I created a tool to help me overcome a funk. Because I hate funks.

A Feel Good List is my go-to! It’s a list of all the things I do to make myself feel good, energized, inspired, etc. On an off day or maybe a string of off days, I pull up my list and begin crossing things off one by one. It’s not always an immediate cure, but if I keep it up all of a sudden, I begin to feel like me again. Below a snippet of my personal feel good list…

My Feel Good List

1. Morning Exercise: Exercising first thing invigorates me. The endorphins I get from a good sweat makes me feel great!

2. Play Loud Upbeat Music: For me hip hop or 70’s music can brighten my mood. Playing it throughout the house and cranking it up in the car makes it hard to think negatively.

3. Make My Bed: Yes, first thing to do when I wake up is to make my bed. Seeing my bed unmade makes me want to crawl back in it.

4. Hydrate: Even a slight amount of dehydration can cause your cortisol levels to drop which can create depression. Therefore, I will make an effort to drink more water on days when I feel down.

5. Clean + Organize My Work Space: When everything is a mess, I feel like a mess. Taking 15 minutes to clean up will make me feel better all day.

6. Post-It Note Goals: If I can accomplish 3 things on days when I feel blah, I go to bed knowing at least I did x, y, and z. Writing it on a post it and crossing it off as I complete each task holds me accountable and gives me a sense of accomplishment.

7. Light A Candle: Candles make me feel calm and relaxed. I feel like I am at a spa and how can you not feel relaxed at a spa?

8. Lipstick + Cute Outfit: Walking around with no makeup all day makes me feel a bit lazy. Once I have lipstick on, I feel like it’s time for me to go outside and conquer the day.

9. Motivational Audio Book: While I am getting ready for the day, listening to an audio book inspires me to push past my negative thoughts and to give the day a chance.

10. Plans With Friends: My friends make me laugh and make me feel good. Scheduling a happy hour or chatting on the phone while walking outside will reconnect me to myself.

12. Plan A Day Trip: Life is more exciting when I have an activity or adventure planned. If I can get away for a day on the weekend, I’ll have something to look forward to beforehand, and it will shake up my routine by being in new surroundings.

13. Eat Clean: Eating junk makes me feel like crap. I become more tired and irritable when I eat unhealthy. If I choose to go out and treat myself to a green juice or a big salad, I know my body will feel light + energized which overall makes me feel happier.

14. Express Gratitude: Focusing on what I do have makes it difficult to stay in a victim mentality where I am all ‘woe is me.’ I need to sit down and list out at least 15 things I appreciate about my life to shift my outlook.

15. Create Romance: A romantic date or quality time with my partner can make me feel alive and reconnected. Mixing up our usual routine to do something new will lead to fresh excitement. Margaritas and salsa dancing or a midnight swim?

My list goes on, but you get the idea! As Tony Robbins says “you get what you tolerate.” I know that I don’t want to tolerate feeling ‘blah’ about my life. So on bad days, I commit to doing more of what makes me feel good. This exercise has helped me overcome the gloom + doom mentality much quicker which is why I am sharing it with you!

I’d love to hear what you think – DM me on Instagram, @walkonthehealthyside, and tell me what you thought of this blog post.