How To Make Natural Face Masks For Radiant Skin

March 28, 2016

Who doesn’t want glowing, clear, healthy, wrinkle-free skin? You may be surprised to learn the secret to glowing skin is right inside your pantry! Nutrient rich foods have the power to nourish your body from the inside out. Whole food face masks can work wonders for your skin, minus the toxic dyes, fragrances, and additives found in many popular skin care products on the market. So before spending an arm and a leg on your next store bought beauty product, try one of these three simple DIY whole food masks!



1. Avocado + Honey Mask for Dry Skin

Avocado is an excellent choice for making homemade face masks for dry skin, as it contains a high concentration of natural oils to nourish your skin and reduce skin redness. Since you only need half of the avocado, you can eat the other half and give your skin a boost from the inside as well.

How to make and apply it: Take a half of a very ripe, soft avocado and mash it in the bowl. Then add one teaspoon of honey and mix up the ingredients to smooth mixture. Apply the mask to your clean skin and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse face with a cool washcloth.








2. Egg White Mask for Acne

Egg whites help reduce acne and make the scars left after acne less visible. Egg whites are loaded with protein and vitamins that heal skin and speed up the rebuilding process of skin cells. They also help soak up excess oils produced by the skin which can clog pores.

How to make and apply it: Separate two egg whites from the yolks and whisk until they become foamy. Let them stand for a few minutes while you rinse your face and pat dry. Apply a thin layer with your fingers on a clear skin and allow it to dry a few minutes. Continue to apply layers until you have three or four in total. Keep the mask on for about 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.









3. Oatmeal + Lemon Mask for Combination Skin

Oats offer both a cleaning action, absorbing all the dirt on the skin, and a moisturizing function that is ideal to protect the driest areas of the face. In combination with lemon, oats will help you to remove dead cells and impurities from the skin and control sebum production.

How to make and apply it: Mix 3 tablespoons of oatmeal with a little bit of hot water to create a paste. Let the water suck in for few minutes, and add the juice of half a lemon. Stir all ingredients and when you get a smooth paste apply it on the previously cleaned face leaving it on for 15 minutes.

Great skin is on the way! Which face masks have you tried and what other tips do you have for great skin to share?

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