Burn More Fat In Less Time – HIIT Workouts

April 21, 2016

If you want to lose fat (and not muscle) fast without clocking in hours of cardio each week, then you want to try high-intensity interval training. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a combination of short periods of intense anaerobic exercises with less-intense recovery periods. HIIT promotes fat loss, muscle growth, and strengthens your cardiovascular system.

3 Reasons To Try HIIT:

1. It’s Quick & Convenient

HIIT workouts take about 30 minutes or less and can be done anywhere. It’s the perfect workout if you’re short on time or staying in a gym-less hotel.

2. It Speeds Up Metabolism

The combination of high intensity exercise + interval training triggers your body to burn fat up to 48 hours post workout. In fact, these mini workouts can burn more calories than a long run on a treadmill.

3. No Need for Equipment

For HIIT workouts, the best equipment is your body weight. The focus of HIIT is to elevate your heart rate and keep it there. You can certainly do HIIT workouts on a cardio machine or add dumbbells to increase intensity, but it’s not needed to see results.

—» Quick tip: Download a free Interval Timer app to make your HIIT go smoothly. You can set the timer to signal when it’s time to change exercises or rest.

Ready for your first HIIT challenge? It’s not easy, but it will make you sweat!

Sample HIIT Workout (20 minutes)

  • large-250 seconds jumping jacks, 10 seconds rest
  • 50 seconds burpees, 10 seconds rest
  • 50 seconds push-ups, 10 seconds rest
  • 50 seconds squats, 10 seconds rest
  • 50 seconds side plank, 10 seconds rest
  • 50 seconds (other) side plank, 10 seconds rest
  • 50 seconds mountain climbers, 10 seconds rest
  • 50 seconds high knees, 10 seconds rest
  • 50 seconds jumping lunges, 10 seconds rest
  • 50 seconds regular plank, 10 seconds rest
  • Rest for 1 minute, and repeat

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