Does crazy in love = crazy weight gain?

When we are in love we do crazy things – like finish off a large pizza and 2 bottles of wine with our newfound love.

Studies show more than 50% of couples in comfortable relationships put on weight. 

What starts out as throwing caution to the wind and eating anything and everything while falling in love can become a pattern that is hard to break once you’ve become a couple.

Let’s consider why this occurs + how to keep it from happening ↓


4 Reasons You’re Gaining Relationship Weight


① You’ve Lost Motivation

You feel secure in your relationship, so motivation to look your best wanes. Your partner loves you inside and out so appearance is not as important. 

Resist the temptation to live in your comfy sweats which can hide those extra pounds, and continue to make that single-person effort. Maintaining your weight and physical appearance is a simple way to make you feel good and much easier than the extra effort you’ll have to put forth to undo the damage.


② You’ve Skipped Too Many Workouts

With a busy schedule, you may have sacrificed your exercise routine to spend more time with your partner. Now it’s difficult to get back into your workout regime.

Be intentional about getting a workout scheduled in. Write it in on your planner and refuse to change it. If you get your partner onboard, go to the gym together. Take a walk after dinner; you’ll be exercising and spending time together.


③ You’ve Eased Into Bad Eating Habits

It’s easy to slip into your partner’s unhealthy eating habits during the early stage of the relationship. As time goes on, you may find you’re craving more salt and sugar from junk food and losing sight of your former healthy choices.

Don’t give up healthy eating intentions due to this relationship. Share with your other half your desire to eat healthy and why it’s important to you. You might be surprised to find your partner eventually joins you on the healthy side. 


④ You’ve Unknowingly Increased Your Portions 

You split all of your meals with your partner without second guessing it, but does it really make sense for a 180lb man to eat the same amount as a 120lb woman?

Men have more muscle in their bodies which makes them burn more calories even while at rest. Even if a female has a similar body composition, she still has to eat smaller portions than a male. If you decide to cook a meal for two, make sure you do not split it equally and don’t try to keep up with your partner when eating. Tune into your appetite and only eat as much as your body needs to feel satisfied.

Don’t let being in a comfortable relationship override your desire to be fit and healthy.

Beware of these pitfalls and get back to the routine you had before as quickly as possible. Ideally, working with your partner to create a healthy lifestyle together would be best. 

If you’re struggling to find the right balance to reach your goals, you may want to reach out for support. I help couples to define their goals and create a healthy routine to help them feel their absolute best.

For more information, schedule a free initial couple’s health consult with me.