Are limiting beliefs holding you back?

So here’s the deal: you create reasons why you can’t have what you desire.

These are called limiting beliefs.

A limiting belief is a false idea that one acquires from making a conclusion about something in life. It can be taught by parents, learned through life experiences, or imprinted through media and societal influences. The stronger the belief, the more it feels unshakeable and the more evidence your will find to support it’s truth. This limited thinking is what stops you from achieving things that ARE within your reach.

Limiting beliefs stand in the way of all that you can have, do and be. They stop you from losing weight, building strength, feeling attractive, vibrant, confident, etc.

Limiting beliefs can sound like ↓

    • “It would be easier if I didn’t have a full time job…”
    • “I know I’ll never be able to have a body like that…”
    • “I love sugar too much and just can’t give it up..”“When I was younger I easily lost weight, but my metabolism has slowed so now it’s way harder…”
    • “It would be great if I enjoyed working out…”
    • “The only way I can lose weight is by depriving myself…”
    • “It must be nice to look like she does…”
    • “I just wasn’t born into a family that prioritized healthy living…”
    • “I wish I had time to cook healthy food…”
    • “I am naturally big boned so there’s only so much I can change…”
    • “I am an emotional eater and can’t change that…”

If you are relating to some of the statements above, don’t feel bad. The first step to change is always awareness. Now that you are aware of these limiting thoughts, you can decide if you want to take action.

You don’t have to believe every thought you think.

What could happen if you shifted your beliefs to align with your goals? Imagine the difference in how you would feel.

5 Steps To Detox From Limiting Beliefs

① Identify your limiting belief

Make a list of the items that you complain about regarding your health. What makes you frustrated daily? What topics do you negatively speak about? 

② Ask yourself, Why do I believe this

Think about what this belief means to you and how you could’ve acquired it in the first place. Maybe you feel you will always be overweight because it was something your mother talked about. 

③ Describe how it makes you feel

Is the frustration, self-hate, and sadness benefiting you in any way? Most likely not! So take a stand to not feel that way. 

④ Ask if it is absolutely true

Do you have scientific 100% evidence that your belief is true or could it be something you’ve just accepted as the truth. If you previously believed all workouts are difficult and not fun, think about if that is actually true. You see other people having fun and working out, so maybe this belief you had is not truth. Maybe you’ve just yet to find a workout that excites you.

⑤ Establish a new ’empowering belief’

Now adopt and cultivate the new belief that you have just arrived at. State it. Declare it as your new belief. Instead of “I have a low metabolism and struggle to lose weight” state, “I have the dedication to fuel my body with healthy foods which will lead to easy and effortless weight loss.”

Once you have an empowering belief, repeat it daily. Write it on post its and tape it around your house and work area. Smile when you read it. Feel good as you speak it outloud. And know you are working to repair the negative and incorrect beliefs that were previously holding you back.

Detoxing your mind from limiting beliefs cracks open your shell and opens you up to so much more possibility! 

Still struggling? Get supported!

As your coach, I will not allow you to buy into the old story that you’ve continued to tell. The story that says you can’t have it, that it has to be hard, that you are not worthy, that change is scary, that <insert limiting belief> is true. 

Reach out to schedule a Free Initial Consult with me to learn more or if you’re a current client, let’s talk this through on our next session.