STOP Yo-Yo Dieting Forever

September 9, 2016

Yo-yo dieting is a pattern. You lose weight, gain it back. Lose, gain. Lose, gain. Over and over again.

Marketing companies do an awesome job advertising various “magic pills”, detoxes, fad diets to make them look like the answer to quick effortless weight loss. This is why yo-yo dieting is a billion dollar industry! But the fact is dieters are not as successful as non dieters when it comes to sustaining and maintaining ideal weight.

The only time a person EVER “falls off a wagon” is when there’s a wagon to fall off of;  a set of rules, ideals, or beliefs around food that we let determine how we feel about ourselves.

Isabel Foxen Duke

See, the problem with dieting is it’s only a matter of time until you throw in the towel and emotionally eat. Nobody is meant to live in restrictive eating patterns!

Why Yo Yo Diets Do NOT Work

1) Restricting is a Lose-Lose Situation – We understand the thought process behind cutting back on calories, but this approach is detrimental and will only set you up for yo-yo weight loss and gain for years to come, all while continually damaging your metabolism.

 2) Food is Fuel – Our metabolism needs food (REAL food) on a consistent basis in order to continue working at the optimum performance level. Give it the wrong kind of fuel (“diet” foods, processed, refined foods, foods you are sensitive or allergic to, foods loaded in antibiotics and hormones, poor quality supplements, etc.) and it won’t run properly.

3) The All or Nothing Mentality is False – Diets make you feel like it’s your fault if you fail. The Whole 30 is 30 days of perfect Paleo eating. Will you achieve weight loss? Likely so. Will you maintain weight loss? Probably not. And will you feel like it’s your fault? Yes because it was working when you were eating “perfectly” but YOU couldn’t keep it up. There’s something called balance and flexibility in your eating plan. Food should be enjoyed and pleasurable and you don’t have to be perfect! Have a glass of wine or a slice of pizza, but don’t throw in the towel.

The first step to quit dieting is to acknowledge yourself as a chronic dieter and realize you can keep this cycle going the rest of your life or choose a different approach.

unspecified-7This is why I became a Certified Health Coach. To learn the practices to get away from the ups and downs of diets. In fact, with the training that I received I decided to create the ANTI-DIET. A program that isn’t about denying oneself – which is how most diets are constructed.

Instead, I’ve built a program that is all about falling in love with food again. Real food. From the earth. The tart taste of a cherry. The succulent bite of a piece of grilled salmon. The salty crunch of roasted almonds.

It’s also about self-love. Many of the nutrition plans I see out there place a lot of focus on the food but fail to mention the importance of mindset. Did you know the effects of yo-yo dieting reprograms how the brain manages stressful situations and food cravings. It becomes more about how we perceive ourselves and not just what we put in our mouths. This lessons your self-esteem and lessons the belief you have in yourself. How can you possibly succeed in a ‘diet’ when you have lost the belief you once had in yourself? You can’t! That is why those programs set you up to fail!

This is why my 6-week Nutrition Jumpstart is different. It helps you break through a plateau, reboot your routine, and finally achieve the results you desire. I map out a plan of attack to take your health, fitness, and mindset into account to learn to love your food and body again!

Stop yo-yo dieting once and for all! CLICK HERE to contact me to chat about how you can take your life back! 

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