Put down the potato chips and no one gets hurt ✋

Hi, I’m Lindsay and I am a recovering boredom eater. If you identify as a mindless muncher or over grazer, it’s your lucky day. I’m going to share with you my top secret tips to overcome boredom eating.

Here’s the deal: Boredom eating is a type of emotional eating and guess what? We are all emotional eaters to some extent. 

Over time, you develop learned eating patterns based on how you feel. You establish a neurologic pathway in your brain so the next time you experience the same feeling, your body yearns to repeat the same behavior.

The good news: You can break the habit and retrain your brain to cope with boredom (or any emotion) in a new way. At the end of the day, emotional eating is just a coping mechanism. 

Break Up With Boredom Eating


To break up with a habit you need a solid mantra to repeat when you feel triggered. A mantra is a positive statement you can repeat that reminds you of your intention. Repeat the mantra: “I eat when I’m hungry, not when I’m bored.


Once you declare the mantra, you can’t just sit there and rely on willpower. Your brain will resist your words at first. You must come up with 2-3 new ways to cope with boredom. Make tea instead of snack, move your location (away from the kitchen), brush your teeth, take a hot shower, etc. Practice these new behaviors as soon as boredom shows up.


As you practice your new coping behavior, work on your inner dialogue. Your brain is used to coming up with reasons to eat. You need to start a new conversation in your mind to help align your thoughts with the new and improved coping habit. Remind yourself how much better you feel eating only when you’re hungry. Talk up your new habit and how good it feels. 

Rewiring your brain

It’s difficult to quit a learned behavior cold turkey. The three-step-process provided above is needed to rewire your brain to align with a new supportive habit. 

Practice is required, so don’t give up after one go. Keep at it and the need to rely on food to deal with your problems will gradually fade away.

Food freedom is possible.

A small shift in thinking can open up new pathways towards transformation.

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