Let’s get you unstuck!

So you’ve adopted a new eating plan or exercise routine, and the results are phenomenal… until they’re not.

At first, the pounds melt right off. You’re feeling energized, clearheaded, and notice your clothes are becoming looser. But as the weeks go by, you stop seeing progress and your weight stays the same or even begins to creep back up.

Sound familiar? Then you’ve hit a weight plateau. This is a period when weight loss stagnates even though you’re keeping up with your healthy habits.

So why did your body hit the pause button?

Like most things in life, nothing stays the same forever. The reason you noticed so many exciting changes in the beginning of your new routine is because it was new.

After you’ve been consistent with a routine for a while, your body adapts.

Perhaps your workouts are no longer challenging or your portion control plan is no longer effective.

Don’t panic! It’s completely normal to hit a weight plateau during your weight-loss journey. This occurrence is simply a natural indicator from your body that you could benefit from a change.

So first things first, before calling it quits on your healthy habits, consider what may be roadblocking your results.

7 Weight-Loss Plateau Causes 👇

You’re not exercising enough.

It’s important to vary your fitness routine and kick up the intensity to keep your body challenged.

You’re not eating enough healthy variety of foods.

Your body thrives off variety, so if you’ve been eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, your body will begin to wonder where all the other nutrients are at?!

You’re bingeing on the weekends.

Remember: Friday – Sunday accounts for 42% of the week, so if decadent weekend dining is a regular occurrence, it’s not going to fly with your waistline.

Your portion sizes are off.

Even if it’s nutritious, finishing off half the jar of almond butter or serving yourself a bottomless pit of guacamole and sweet potato chips will not support your weight loss efforts.

You’re under a lot of stress.

Stress negatively affects digestion, depletes your body of nutrients, reduces immune function, and sets the stage for inflammation AKA the #1 cause of weight gain + diseases.

You have an underlying food sensitivity.

Food sensitivities are at the root of many of my clients’ healthy struggles and can be addressed through a guided elimination diet.

You’re following a diet plan that’s not right for you.

Just because Keto worked for your co-worker or Intermittent fasting was a big success for your dad, does not mean it’s the right way of eating for your unique body!

What to do about it

If any of these apply to you, that’s great news!

Acknowledgement is the first step to changing behaviors so you can once again experience results.

Once you know what’s holding you back, you can push past your plateau by shaking up your routine.

Swap your yoga flow for a weight training class, replace your morning oatmeal with scrambled eggs + veggies, add in deep breathing + meditation to better manage stress, or begin a food journal to determine which foods work best with your body and which do not.

When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.”

– Zig Zigler.

Remember, you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results!

That would be crazy right?

If you consider yourself to be a creature of habit, then you know it can be difficult to shift out of your comfortable routine. You might require guided support and frankly a kick in the tush to mix things up.

I specialize in helping people break through plateaus and achieve a LASTING healthy lifestyle. Don’t think twice – schedule a free 20 min phone consult with me.