When my clients tell me they feel uncomfortable in their own skin, I understand.

When they are frustrated from following countless weight loss methods to no avail, I get it.

When they explain how their symptoms inhibit their wellbeing, I know how they are feeling.

How? Because I’ve been there.


The Backstory

In my early 20’s I felt disconnected from my own body.  I struggled with weight gain, digestion issues, acne, rosacea, fatigue, uncontrollable cravings, and consequently, low self-esteem.

This nightmare began after returning home from studying abroad in Australia. I had gained 25 lbs which was bad enough, but worse by far, was my digestion system flare-up. I experienced nausea, pain, bloating, gas, irregular bowel movements on a regular basis.

My senior year of college was consumed with trying to “quick fix” all these issues while also working to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

I felt completely embarrassed by my symptoms, insecure and uncomfortable in my body, and was constantly comparing myself to my friends which led to unhappiness.

Despite exercising daily, eating what I deemed was a healthy diet, and visiting various gastro doctors, I saw little improvement.

Having reached rock bottom, realizing my health was affecting everything in my life and traditional approaches weren’t working, I had to become my own private investigator to solve the mystery of my ailing, unhappy body.

I committed to understanding nutrition, learned how the body actually works, and shifted my mindset to be more positive. And slowly, I started healing my body and found a way out!


5 Things I’ve Learned The Hard Way

① Weight Loss Takes Time, Consistency, & Dedication

We all want quick fixes, but sustainable healthy weight loss takes time. If you can accept this and keep your focus on following a routine that makes you feel good, the weight will drop before you know it.

② Food, Stress, & Alcohol Impact Your Digestive System

As you age your digestion can change. Antibiotics, living abroad, sickness, high stress levels can change your tolerance. What you eat, your stress levels, and how much alcohol you drink can affect your digestion. 

③ The Right Mindset Is Critical To Success

What you tell yourself will either build you up or tear you down. Ultimately, a negative mindset leads to self sabotage + failure.

④ You Know Your Body Best 

It doesn’t matter what you’re told, you know your body the best. You understand when you feel good and not so good;  trust your body over anything or anyone else.

⑤ Happiness Is Available To You Now

You don’t have to nor should you be miserable during the process of transforming your body and life. This journey takes time and patience, but you can still enjoy this time of change!

The Present Day

Today, I have a gentle approach to nutrition, health and well-being. It’s as simple as this: I listen to my body and give it what it needs. I enjoy a whole foods based balanced diet, move my body daily, and incorporate activities to keep my mindset positive. I’ve maintained optimal health by prioritizing a routine that supports nutrition, fitness, and mindset.  

A positive journey to optimal health is definitely possible… if you’re struggling to achieve your goals, feel free to contact me here to schedule a free 15-min initial health consult.