So you haven’t hit your goal yet…. what’s up with that?!

It’s easy to get disappointed when you don’t see the progress you hoped for despite your best effort. 

But… was it truly your best effort?

I’ve found the #1 reason people don’t reach their goal is because of lack of effort. 

I’ll often hear my clients say something like ↓ 

“I can’t believe I didn’t lose weight despite not having a bite of sugar this week.”

While giving up sugar is an INCREDIBLE feat, weight loss may require a greater effort. 


Did you really exert 100% effort? Perhaps too much wine, decadent dining out or missed workouts are to blame. 

If you don’t hit your mark, take a hard look at WHY.

So what does it take to reach your goal? 

3 Requirements To Hit Your Goal 🎯

① Understand Why Your Goal Really Matters

Kind of knowing what you want to achieve is not enough to hit your goal.

You must understand why your goal really matters to you. Not a surface level reason, e.g., I want to be healthier, but a core motivator. Deep down in your gut.. why is it important to you?

Once defined, you’ll have an ah-ha moment thinking this is it/there is no other way. 

That’s when you’re ready to fully show up for yourself and do what it takes to succeed.

② Action, Action, More Action

Thinking about your goal won’t get you there any faster. You must act.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the process required to achieve success. Where do you start? How do you implement all these new habits?

Too many choices often leads to decision paralysis… meaning YOU FREEZE UP and do nothing. 

Nothing is the worst choice to make. 

Action = Change. No excuses on why you are not taking action. Create a list of short-term action steps you want to take to obtain your goal. Then each day include one of these. That is how you will start seeing PROGRESS and eventually reach your destination.

③ An Accountability Plan

You can not achieve your objective without consistent commitment. 

You may think you have enough grit + desire to follow through on your goal, but often you simply don’t. 

We all need support to succeed.

For starters, your goal is not your only focus. You likely have a job, family, and other factors that require your time and attention. This makes it easy to lose focus or fall off track.

This is why entering a partnership is key when working towards an important goal, e.g., recruiting a family member/friend, hiring a coach/trainer, signing up for fitness membership, etc. 

Sometimes, putting money down and signing up makes your goal feel more REAL… like you’re really doing it this time.

So that’s it! Which # do you need to work on?

I’m here to help you with all 3! Becoming crystal clear on your WHY, establishing a goal-conquering action plan, and linking up as your personal coach to keep you on track are all part of my newest one-on-one coaching package Accountable.

For more information, schedule an initial consult with me!