Time to get REAL honest…

How much time are you spending on social media?

Too afraid to check the screen time feature on your iPhone? Yep, there is one that tells you exactly how much time you spend scrolling.

I get it… no judgement here. 

Balancing time spent or as I like to say “wasted” on social media is something I’ve been actively working on over the past year.

I know for a fact that I feel better mentally when I’m away from it, but it is addicting.

Our phones and in particular social media apps are literally designed to keep us hooked. 

Every text, like, alert has been designed to trigger a dopamine surge in our brains. 

It feeds our need to be seen, connect, and compare ourselves to others.

Of course, there’s no arguing about the benefits from social networking. I am thankful to use it as a tool in my business and a way to connect with friends and the entire world. 

However, just like being ‘mindful’ with eating, we need to be mindful with social media.

Social Media Pros & Cons


  • Expands chance for learning + discovery
  • Great opportunity for business owners 
  • Connect to people all over the world
  • Easy and instant communication.
  • Fun entertainment – a plane delay isn’t as painful nowadays


  • Information overload – misinformation / too much marketing
  • Disrupts sleep quality
  • Triggers body/life comparison – breeds negative feelings like jealously + fomo
  • Increases distraction + procrastination 
  • Social isolation
  • Sedentary habits
  • Opportunity loss – what could you be doing with time spent scrolling?

Establishing a balanced relationship can enable you to enjoy the benefits without the negatives.

The Power Of Boundaries

You can’t have self-care without boundaries in your life. 

  • Say no to working late; prioritizing your need for rest.
  • Turn off your phone before bed; prioritizing your need for peace. 
  • Block out an hour for the gym; prioritizing your need for movement.
  • Limit social media; prioritizing your need to be more present.

Setting boundaries is a skill and like any other skill the more you practice the easier it gets. Expect it to feel uncomfortable at first, but keep doing it. 


① Don’t engage with it first thing in the morning

② Set aside specific time for social media – hours you use it or do not use it.

③ Delete the app when you are not using it or it’s making you feel bad

④ Take 1 social media day off per week. 

⑤ Do not use your social media during intimate special occasions.


① Deleting an app after usage. This means I delete the Instagram app every day and download it again as desired.

② Keeping my phone out of my bedroom. This means no mindless scrolling before bed or first thing in the AM.

③ Setting a screen time limit for instagram so I receive an alert once I’ve been on the app for 2 hours per day. This means I must stop using the app once I’ve hit my time limit.

New Possibilities

Since making these changes, I absolutely feel more optimistic, productive, creative, confident, and present.

I challenge you to choose 1 social media boundary you can fully commit to this week.

Make protecting your mental health as serious as you take your other healthy habits.