What if I told you that you can LOVE your body? You don’t have to, but you can choose to. 

It begins with a decision because loving your body is a choice.

Of course, along with your decision must come action because if you don’t have a body confidence plan and continue unconsciously consuming messages from the world you live in, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure.

Here’s what we know: society portrays a narrow ideal of beauty which makes it really hard to feel beautiful and worthy.

The MEDIA loves when you feel unworthy because it means you are ready to BUY and their goal is to sell you products to make you feel “good enough.”

Personally, I am over this whole saga. I’m tired of watching women spend wasted time consumed with how their body looks and believing once they become a slimmer version of themselves their life can begin.

I also get it… I’ve been there and I can feel how the media tries to disrupt my body image all the time. 

But I always return to my belief: Loving my body is my DECISION.

We all get to decide whether we want to spend our days happy in the skin we’re in, or in a constant battle trying to change our bodies. Body confidence does not come from our body, but from our thoughts.

Life gets better when you accept your body. 

So, if you’re with me, let’s create a game plan to build up your body confidence.

What Sparks Poor Body Image?

First, you want to understand what triggers poor body image.

Negative Body Image Triggers ↓

  • Seeing a photo where you look bigger than you want to.
  • Feeling uncomfortable in your clothes.
  • Constant body-shaming dialogue. 
  • Feeling jealous over a friend’s weight loss.
  • Setting constant body changing goals.
  • Hanging with people who always talk about their weight.
  • Scrolling on social media and comparing your body to others.
  • Overeating or not exercising as much as you feel you should.

Become aware of which triggers you experience and how often they are showing up. Is there one trigger in particular that you can identify as your greatest body image enemy? Do you have the power to change this? 

Be honest with yourself. Understanding your triggers is essential to elevating your body confidence. 

8 Ways To Boost Body Confidence

① Health Before Weight 

Even if you’re working on weight loss, make your primary objective to become healthier, stronger, and more energized. Focusing on health feels like self-care whereas focusing on weight loss feels like punishment.

② Wardrobe Makeover

Get rid of those clothes that don’t fit you, including the too-tight jeans that make you feel squished and bloated.

Stop buying clothes that are a size too small. At the same time, fill up your closet with pieces you LIKE – fashion is a way to enhance confidence. Get rid of raggedy sports bras and buy athletic wear that makes you feel comfortable and stylish.

③ Clean up your social media feed + habits.

You know this – social media accounts will either help boost your body confidence or do the opposite.

Follow these tips:

  • Stop using the explore tab on social media.
  • Unsubscribe from all accounts that make you feel unworthy. 
  • Follow more accounts that promote body confidence and make you feel good!
  • Do not check social media first thing in the morning.
  • Utilize the settings in your phone to set a time limit on social media apps.

④ Watch how you speak to yourself and what your friends talk about.

Stop bashing your body! Complaining about your body doesn’t change it and won’t make you healthier, happier, or help you to like your body anymore. It’s a lose-lose situation. If you think pointing out your flaws will MOTIVATE you to work out and see change, studies have proven the opposite. It’s positive encouragement that generates a desire to change. Researchers have found that frequent verbal encouragement leads to significantly greater maximum effort. 

When negative thoughts do pop up, don’t add fuel to the fire by continuing the body shame story – reframe or change the subject.

Finally, you know those friends who spend the whole get-together talking about food/weight/feeling fat/the gym/their wrinkles, etc. – Ugh! Take it upon yourself to ban body bashing sessions with friends/family and shift the conversation to other topics.

⑤ Mirror Mayhem

If you have lots of mirrors in the house and find you’ve become obsessed with looking at them, get rid of some or break the habit of analyzing yourself in the mirror.

Level two is to begin daily mirror work. Mirror work involves standing in front of your mirror and repeating positive affirmations. A place to start is to note two things you like about your body in the mirror each morning. It can as small as “I love the color of my eyes.” or “I’m thankful for my clear skin.”

⑥ Compliment others – stop seeing weight.

Have you noticed that when you’re the most self-conscious of your body, you tend to judge other people’s bodies? Instead of judging others in an attempt to make yourself feel better, give them a compliment. In this way, you are teaching yourself to seek out and appreciate the beauty in yourself and in others.

⑦ Accept that your body is imperfect and that it’s totally normal.

At some point, you need to decide that your body is ok just as it is. It’ll never look quite the way you want it to. What you eat, how you sit, how well you slept, how much water you drank, changes the way your body looks – yep, hello that’s normal! You have a choice. You can either spend the rest of your life at war with your thighs or you can decide to accept that your body is imperfect and be cool with it.

Also, keep in mind that accepting your body does not mean giving up. You can accept your body as imperfect while working on becoming a healthier version of yourself.

⑧ Focus on feeling good mentally.

Stop ‘trying to be good’ in your pursuit of the optimal body and start trying to feel good. Believe it or not, when you feel good mentally, your body will start to look better too. Often times, poor body image is a by-product of low self-worth. Shift your mindset to the positive side → self-help books, podcasts, therapists/coaches, surrounding yourself with great friends/family, meditation, journaling, etc.

Knowledge X Action = Power

You can learn how to achieve a better body image all day long, but the question is: will you make the changes necessary to open up the opportunity to love your body? Socrates says knowledge is only power when you apply it. So, if you’re ready to quit wasting precious time, choose 1 action item below to take TODAY.

Body Love Action Items

  1. Unfollow all accounts on social media that trigger body comparison.
  2. Toss out an item of clothing that gives you anxiety.
  3. Compliment your friend.
  4. Dress up in a way that feels good.
  5. Counter the bad body talk with a not going there today.
  6. Begin mirror work today.
  7. Order a positive self-help book.
  8. Focus on drinking 8 glasses of water today for body care.

Mantra: “I love myself enough to let go of the negativity, and treat my body with the love and care it deserves.”