What the heck is manifestation? 

Simply put, it’s intentionally creating what you want. 


Have you ever noticed that when you feel good everything just flows better? You attract opportunities, people are friendlier, things work out for you, and everything just seems effortless. When you feel good, you’re like a magnet to good things.

This is because the whole world responds to YOU -> your energy.

The KEY to manifesting is to elevate your energy. When you FEEL good and send out that vibe, you get back everything that is a match to it.

For example, when you feel excited, supported and confident you are a match to your goal. Whereas, when you feel bored, unsupported and doubtful you are not a match to your goal.  

As a mindset teacher, I’ve learned the secret to achieving any goal is to keep your vibe elevated. The more positive energy you radiate, the quicker your dreams can become reality.

I know what you’re thinking… easier said than done.  Life can get you down sometimes, but the cold hard truth is you can always control how you feel. 

Here are my 3 tools to keeping my vibes high and maintaining a positive space.

3 Steps to Higher Vibrations:


According to Tim Ferris, “If you win the morning, you win the day.” I agree! There’s no denying the power of an intentional AM routine. Recognize it or not, you are following some form of a morning regimen. The question is → Does it make you feel good?

Start your day in a way that is going to make you feel good, and DECIDE that you are going to be in a good mood and have a good day. I recommend incorporating a morning ritual that helps you start your day with a little more peace, inspiration, and intention. You can download my morning routine for free here.


Music affects your mood by shifting the brain to a more relaxed state, where you become more focused, attentive, motivated, and inspired. According to researchers, listening to music has a significant effect on our moods and emotions because of brain dopamine regulation — a neurotransmitter strongly involved in emotional behavior and mood regulation.

I utilize the power of music to get into a manifesting mode. I incorporate music while I do household chores, exercise, work emails, or whenever I need to boost my mood. But my top secret for manifesting goals is weaving music into meditation.  I’ve started a meditation practice called Chorus that uses music to help you sync deeper into a meditative state. The classes are set to energizing and familiar tunes (one of the founders is from the world of Soul Cycle, so think pumped up Beyonce beats) that drive the experience forward and fill it with emotion. Chorus has become a part of my regular practice and helps me to clear out low vibes and vibrate on a higher level. P.S. I was never great at meditation, but this has opened new doors.


Here’s the facts: some people/places/things drain your energy, while some lift you up. Start multiplying the things that feel good to you, and subtracting ones that don’t. When something doesn’t feel good, I do everything in my power to eliminate it, outsource it, or in the absolute worst case reduce it…. period. Your energy is everything and you have a lot more control over it than you realize. 

Grab a pen and write a list of 10 high vibe activities that light your heart and soul on fire – or just make you feel good. Some of my high vibe activities include: hiking in nature, farm to table restaurants, girls’ nights, the beach, daily walks, motivational podcasts, a high energy workout class, deep conversations, cleaning the house to 70s music (don’t knock it til you try it) etc. It’s my goal to MULTIPLY these types of events. I schedule them in my calendar because if it’s not there it’s not mandatory.

Working With Lows & Highs

Of course, you’re not going to feel wonderful all the time and that’s perfectly OK. It’s okay to feel sad sometimes. Releasing those emotions plays an important part in raising your vibe back up. This may sound contradictory but… we have to release the lows in order to welcome the highs again. Plus, letting go of the energies that don’t serve you can feel really good! 

Knowing that we have the ability to shift our own energies is powerful. When you start shifting your energy more and more, your whole world will change. 

Actionable item – look at your calendar, can you set aside time for a feel-good activity, add a reminder to play music while you work, schedule a night with friends to look forward to and an afternoon solo stroll to clear your head? The answer is yes, so don’t just read this nodding softly and solemnly in agreement, take control and go after what you want. It starts by working to feel good. 

If you want to learn more about a manifesting mindset, you can connect with Lindsay at walkonthehealthyside.com or follow along with her on the gram @walkonthehealthyside.