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When it comes to eating healthy, I seek out foods that will help me look, feel, and perform at my absolute best. Yet, these nourishing foods can not be boring or bland. They must be prepared in a way that is so immensely delicious I can’t help but sing while chowing down! When combining whole food ingredients and healthy cooking techniques, it’s possible to finish a stack of savory pancakes and feel energized to hit the gym rather than bloated and ready to nap.

Here’s the catch: all of this needs to come in a package that is easy + effortless to prepare. We are busy enough as is! No need to spend long hours in the kitchen. That’s just about my worst nightmare!

So, through trial and error – I’ve created a batch of my favorite simple go-to recipes that are as delicious as they are healthy. You can expect food that tastes like heaven and that will grant you the energy to get through the busiest of days.

If you’re ready to seamlessly start cooking on the healthy side, this is what you’ve been waiting for!

What you’ll find inside:

♥ 50+ whole food recipes –  all can be modified for the gluten-free, sugar-free, paleo or vegan eater
♥ 3 grocery shopping guides – no more stressful grocery runs
♥ Quick + simple nutrition tips


Now is the time to begin the healthy life you’ve always dreamed of and this is the recipe guide to make healthy eating your reality!