“A few months ago, I was feeling extremely frustrated with my health and eating habits. I felt like my sugar cravings were uncontrollable, like I was doing a lot of mindless eating, like food/cravings had a strong hold over me at all times, and like I really hated my body. These are feelings I’ve had for years, so I finally decided to do something about it by working with Lindsay. At first, I was skeptical that working with a nutritionist would be able to change bad habits that have become ingrained in me over a lifetime of eating. But I was wrong.

I first signed up for Lindsay’s six week program. And then, things were going so well, I opted for the 3 month program. I can’t tell you what a world of difference it’s made working with Lindsay. My sugar cravings are basically gone and totally controllable. I have a much healthier relationship to food. And I actually feel good about my body. Her work isn’t focused just on what you should and shouldn’t eat, but also on shifting your mindset, and I think that is why she is so effective.

Sometimes, it felt like I was taking three steps forward, two steps back, four steps forward, one step back, etc–so it wasn’t always progress 100% of the time. And when I’d get frustrated, Lindsay reminded me that change and growth can take a while. And there was always forward movement, so that now, I feel like a new person in a lot of ways.

As for Lindsay herself, she is amazing. She’s incredibly responsive. She has a warm, bright attitude. And she’s open and honest about her own experiences with food. I’m so glad I worked with her and would absolutely recommend her to anyone trying to reboot their relationship to eating, their bodies, and their well-being.”

- Emily S.

“Lindsay TRULY helped me change from the inside out. Before coming to Lindsay I knew what was “right” to eat, I had done the Whole30, been paleo, keto – I’d tried everything. But at the end of the day my mentality was never in the right place. I didn’t truly understand how to change the way I was eating as a lifestyle and change my mentality around food from thinking about things as bad or good to what my body actually NEEDS. Her tips, tricks and knowledge helped me overcome these roadblocks I had placed in my mind and truly let me be free from always focusing and thinking about food. I am SO thankful for everything she taught me and use it every single day!”

- Chelsea K.

“I can honestly say Lindsay has changed my life, mood, spirit, and health more in the past six weeks through her nutrition jump-start program than any doctor or medication I’ve tried. I’ve had stomach issues since I was about 12 and have been to several gastroenterologists and tried different medication, but nothing ever fixed my symptoms. I found Lindsay through a friend, and I’m incredible grateful I did! First, Lindsay has such a warm demeanor, which makes it easy to talk to her about (potentially embarrassing) health issues. She made me feel comfortable immediately and we were able to have frank and honest discussions about my symptoms and solutions. I was always hesitant about nutrition because I work a lot, and I always thought I don’t have the time to cook every day. Lindsay offered so many easy and quick solutions, and I now enjoy cooking and eating homemade meals. It’s not impossible to have healthy nutrition on a busy schedule!

Lindsay recommended the best supplements and suggested cutting out certain items from my diet. Through the past 8 weeks under her coaching, I’ve lost 10 pounds (without working out) and feel better and more energetic than I’ve ever felt. I never truly understood how I was poisoning myself by eating certain foods, and have since greatly reduced migraines and gastro issues.

Finally, I know I will always have Lindsay in my corner if I ever need anything. She truly cares about her client’s well-being and success with her program. I will never go back to my former nutrition habits, and look forward to a healthy and energetic life! I recommend Lindsay, without reservation, to anyone who is searching for a natural way to improve their life. Thank you, Lindsay!”

- Christina H.

“Lindsay helped me regain my digestive health after years of dealing with heart burn and chronic bloating. My doctor recommended I take heartburn pills, but I did not want to have to rely on pills. Lindsay assessed my personal health issues like no one had before. She helped me make and execute a plan to get my digestive problems under control. Lindsay also created a fitness program to help me gain muscle. I always knew I needed to eat more protein while trying to get fit, but it made my bloating worse. Now that I’m eating the right proteins for me at the right time of day, I’m feeling better than ever. Best of all, the diet changes I’ve made are sustainable, I still like the foods I’m eating because Lindsay helped me make a plan that works for me. While doctors tend to only look at one thing at a time, Lindsay knows how to put the whole picture together with you. She will never tell you to do one thing at the expense of another. If you read her story, you will also see that she has gone through a similar transformation in her life. What better person to help you get healthy than someone who has done it herself.”

- John W.

“I cannot speak enough to the value that Lindsay and her coaching has brought to my life.  When I first began working with Lindsay, we focused on learning about nutrition and weight loss.  Not only did I discover what foods worked and did not work for my body, but she helped me grow my self-confidence.

Years later after falling very ill, Lindsay welcomed me back into her practice on another level – this time working on my mental and physical wellness.  I credit Lindsay from pulling me out of that illness and helping me learn how to structure my life in a healthy way which focused on self-love and care.

She continues to be a constant supporter in my life and cares for me like a friend or family number, not just a client.  The hard work Lindsay and I did together lives on in my daily life, and I often share her wisdom, tips, quotes and yummy recipes with friends.  I will never be able to thank her for the transformative impact she has had in my life, but I will be forever in her debt. “

- Danielle H.

“Lindsay is so great! I did her 6 week plan. I thought I knew how to eat healthy but she changed my mindset. Also her plan isn’t about calorie restrictions or shakes, it’s learning a new lifestyle. She was easy to talk to and reach out to if I had any questions. Even after the program, I’ve been able to reach out to her.”

- Angelica A.

“Lindsay is fantastic! She really strives to help you find your own personal balance with food and exercise so that you can push yourself to your goals in a realistic way. I was amazed by how well she was able to curate some great recipes that I would love to eat and feel motivated to make. Her Instagram is always inspiring me to get moving and to create something healthy and delicious. Her supportive nature and dedication makes her an incredible person to work with. I felt that I could always be honest with Lindsay and she consistently gave me helpful feedback. I lost about 6lbs while working with her and have lost another 5lbs on my own using the tools I gained during our sessions. I am thankful for my time working with Lindsay and I plan to continue living the healthy and happy life that I deserve!”

- Erika V.

“For my entire life, I have struggled and focused on my weight. I finally found Lindsay and signed up for her 6 week program. She completely revamped my entire lifestyle. Taught me things about my relationship with food and exercise that I never knew existed. I feel the best I have ever felt not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. She does everything honestly and openly. She is flexible with scheduling. She customizes everything to your needs and is so very knowledgeable, kind and thorough. Anyone who has struggled, plateaued or given up- please seek our Lindsay’s program. It is the best money you’ll ever spend because you are investing in your own life!!”

- Hannah S.

“I recently completed the 3 Month Health Transformation with Lindsay and oh my gosh! It was an amazing experience. Everything about my life has changed from my diet, mood, health, appearance, just everything. I feel so confident in making food decisions and stronger than ever in balancing my hectic schedule, a social life, and most importantly being healthy. I genuinely love eating healthy now and exercising has become an integral part of my life that I can’t imagine being without. In three months I have lost 11lbs, healed some serious gut issues, identified some food intolerances, and literally healed my acne. Like, it’s amazing.

My bi-weekly sessions with Lindsay were also amazing. Talking with her is like talking to one of your really close friends who also happens to be one of your smartest, most caring friends. She is so open, honest, and real about her journey and experiences and really makes you feel like you are on this journey together. She gave me so many resources and I always felt like I had someone in my corner, especially during the tougher adjustment periods.

I am so excited about my new life and journey and I am so thankful to have found Lindsay. If you’re hesitating at all about working with her, JUST DO IT! You won’t regret it!”

- Brenna S.

“After my ankle fracture I added weight and was going some health issues. I was having bloating stomach, joints pain, etc. Couldn’t even imagine that eating right and healthy food could solve my problems without any medicines. Lindsay can help you get to the bottom of your problems with food, and she will guide you in developing a lifestyle plan that works for you and your body. She combines unbeatable knowledge of her specializations with an approach to patients that allows for individuality and respect. She understands that every body is unique and that food can effect our bodies differently. She is smart and will stop at nothing until her clients achieve their optimal health.

Lindsay will give you the tools to be successful in achieving a healthy lifestyle. She is a great researcher, counselor, nutritionist and all around great human being. You can’t help but smile and look forward to reaching your goals while around her. I stopped cooking but with her easy and healthy recipes now cooking again. I also learn to self discipline myself when it comes to sugar cravings:).

She is simply amazing! I was referred by Yelp reviews and very happy. Its such hard to find a good nutritionist. She is highly recommended!!!”

- Delia Z.

“I started working with Lindsay about six months ago looking to lose about 15 pounds that I had gained since starting law school. Little did I realize that she was going to turn my entire life around!

When I got in touch with Lindsay, I felt discouraged, nervous and resentful. I didn’t want some skinny chick telling me how easy it would be, and I was nervous that she just wouldn’t “get me”. Oh my god was I wrong. Lindsay is amazing. I originally signed up for her six week program and then extended it to three months because the progress I was making felt incredible. Not only do I feel healthier, thinner and stronger, but I feel like I have more control over my life. I now know what to eat to nourish myself properly and I know how to exercise my body in ways that I actually enjoy and crave. I never thought I would be one of those people who exercises – I just ran my first 5k in a time that I never thought I would achieve.

Most importantly, Lindsay unraveled deep-seated body image issues that I had always carried with me. As a result, not only have my relationships with my parents, boyfriend and friends improved significantly but my relationship with myself has improved more than I ever thought it could. My body is not perfect, but now I’m okay with that and I love it so much more now.”

I visited my grandparents recently and my grandma spilled her glass of water when she saw me because she was so excited at how amazing I look! I’m 2 pounds from my goal weight and have never once felt deprived, hungry or like I’ve been dieting at all. The progress is real and sustainable. Food tastes better, I feel better, and I want everyone who has ever struggled with their body image to know what it is like to not feel those awful feelings anymore. Call Lindsay and see for yourself what feeling great feels like.”

- Nikki W.

“I waited to write this review one month after I finished working with Lindsay in her 6-week nutrition program to see if everything “stuck.”

I can’t recommend this experience highly enough. Whether you’re struggling with weight, have digestive issues, stress out too much, or have bad self-talk around food (aka me for all four), Lindsay provides the tools that gently encourage you to change harmful patterns. I lost weight and my old clothes fit, sure, but I also have a much better relationship to food and understand the need for self care now. I continue implementing the lessons from her program now – not just because I paid for something – but because I physically and mentally feel the difference in my body and am actually excited for each meal now. By continuing the healthy patterns learned through her program, I’ve been able to drastically reduce my alcohol consumption, which is something I had been struggling with still at the end of the program. Thank you Lindsay!!”

- Lauren K.

“Working with Lindsay was such an immensely positive experience. Her intuitive approach and extensive resources helped me end a cycle of anxiety based on deprivations and restrictions. By working with her, I was able to begin to shift my thinking to what best serves my long term goals. It is definitely a journey, but months later I still reference her resources. Beyond thankful for her help and guidance.”

- Erica A.

“I came to Lindsay after my doctor suggested I follow the SIBO diet for my constant stomach issues. I didn’t feel confident carrying it out by myself, so I took a leap of faith and signed up for Lindsay. Together, over six weeks, Lindsay and I worked to heal my gut and the changes are real! I’m still a work in progress, but I used to have an upset stomach 24/7. Now, I really notice the rare day when my stomach is upset!

Lindsay is very good at what she does and her passion shows. She assessed my experience, listening very carefully, and then patiently worked with me as we changed my life. In addition to healing my stomach, I hoped to lose some weight for my wedding. Lindsay worked with me on that goal as well. I had struggled for years to lose weight on my own and I always felt I lacked willpower. Working with Lindsay, I broke my sugar addiction. All of a sudden, I didnt need willpower because I simply stopped craving sweets. I lost a dozen pounds.

Lindsay is very knowledgeable and always made herself available to me. At first, I thought it a bit odd that we’d be working together completely remotely, but then I realized how convenient that was! I can honestly say Lindsay changed my life. I’ll be starting my family soon, and I’m excited that they will benefit from the lessons Lindsay taught me as well! THANK YOU!!”

- Nicole R.

“I’m very happy I decided to use Lindsay! I just completed her 6-week program. As someone who has always been fixated on the latest diet and exercise trend, I feel like this time I actually learned how to have a healthy lifestyle versus temporary fixes.

What I appreciated the most was her accessibility. She would review menus of restaurants I was eating at or provide me with customized recommendations. When I was frustrated with results or what the scale said, she was non-judgmental and offered helpful advice for how to overcome cravings or emotional reactions. In fact, I was surprised (in a good way) by how much of the program was centered around mindfulness and balance.

Even though the program only includes 4 sessions, I felt like I was in constant communication with Lindsay and she genuinely cared about my progress. She frequently sent email updates and checked in, and when I had questions, she was never more than a text away.

I am excited to see continued progress. I would recommend Lindsay to anyone!”

- Erin B.

“I worked with Lindsay on her six-week plan – it was a wonderful experience! She is friendly and supportive, full of great information, and helped me stay accountable. I lost weight, gained energy, and made major changes to the way I was eating. She made it easy by providing lots of recipes, fitness ideas, and tips. I’ve been able to stick with the changes on my own and keep making progress!”

- Sara E.

“When I decided to seek a nutritionist, I really had no idea where to go. My doctor said “lose some weight”, gave me some vague, old school advice about what to eat and told me to workout. After a frustrating tour of the internet looking for better advice, I decided to look for a nutritionist in Scottsdale who could help point me in the right direction. I have a busy schedule, and didn’t want to be tied to a weekly office visit or anything, so I put it off a bit. A friend said I should check out Linsay’s website, and I did. I loved the “Walk on the healthy side” title, and I was immediately drawn to the customized approach she described. I went ahead and arranged an initial consultation, and I’ve been working with her since. The guidance she’s given me has really helped me figure out what works and doesn’t work for me, and I am amazed at how much better I look and feel. I fell like I have an effective eating plan I can stick with, and I’m thrilled. Thanks Lindsay!”

- David T.

“I highly recommend Lindsay Hunt as a health coach. I have been working with Lindsay for 5 months. Lindsay taught me to eat healthier. She has shown me how to properly read labels. She gives wonderful suggestions on different food so as not to get bored with what I am eating. I have fibromyalgia and she has researched different foods that I should or should not eat. She is always willing to learn more to help her client. I also wanted her to work with me on exercising. In order to feel comfortable with doing so she got herself certified as a personal trainer. After traveling for a while my husband asked when I was going to be seeing Lindsay. He also appreciates the benefits I have received from working with her. Lindsay is a good listener which is another benefit. She doesn’t make you feel bad if you slip. I have worked with many diet/weight loss clinics and I have never been happy. I hate preachy people and that is not Lindsay. Go for it and give Lindsay a shot and be happy like me.”

- Cindy L.

“I just finished Lindsay’s six week nutrition jump start program and it has been great. I have always been a pretty healthy eater and worked out, but I found Lindsay because I wanted to get more control over my weight and learn more about nutrition.

Even though I live in DC, all of my four sessions with Lindsay were on the phone or Skype, which was so easy. Lindsay was really flexible about timing. Lindsay is so friendly, non-judgmental and most importantly, practical. She gave many resources, recipes, and ideas, but was also able to help me break down all of the information into manageable chunks. I have transformed my nutrition and am eating many more fruits and vegetables than before. Her recipes and ideas made this transition easier, but it’s also been delicious. Lindsay will meet you wherever you are on your nutrition journey–she’s given me lots of ideas for cooking more, but she is also working with my sister, who doesn’t like to cook as much, and Lindsay has shared different and customized ideas with her. You can also text or email her ideas/photos/questions between sessions and she is very quick to respond.

Lindsay is very encouraging and helps you celebrate the victories big and small. I highly recommend working with her!”

- Laura S.

“Lindsay is an amazing Health coach! She is super encouraging and she totally understands what you need and to work with you. I’ve been struggling with my weight since I can remember and trying out different diets and nutritionist. This was the first time I really enjoyed the path of loosing weight and becoming more in sync with my body and that was because I didn’t go into a diet. Instead, Lindsay made me changed my eating habits.

Also, you don’t need to be in Washington to work with Lindsay! I did it from Argentina and everything worked perfectly. If you want to really changed the way you are eating, your body and the relationship you have with your body, definitely set a consultation with Lindsay! A new way of living is around the corner!”

- Vanessa F.

“I am so happy that I invested 6 weeks with Lindsay! While I usually lead a relatively healthy lifestyle, I recently found myself in a digestive rut and realized I needed some nutritional guidance beyond my own internet research. Lindsay was extremely helpful in getting me on the right track, helping me understand mindful eating practices and committing to clean eating on a regular basis. Our sessions were so informative and convenient (all virtual!), making it easier to stick to the program. She is also always available for questions you may have in between sessions, which is a great perk!

My time with Lindsay completely changed my perspective on what a true sustainable healthy/fit lifestyle looks like, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone in search of the same guidance. My new knowledge of digestion, proper supplements, and meal planning has definitely allowed me to continue to lose weight and stay focused, even after my time with Lindsay has ended!”

- Tess S.

“For years I was your classic yo-yo chronic dieter, who, after countless diets (you name it, from A to Z, I tried it), would be demoralized when I inevitably gained the weight back, and, worse still, realized that I was not eating a nutritious diet that I needed to give me the energy to keep up with my busy and active life. And then, with the encouragement of my husband, I found on Yelp Lindsay Hunt, a licensed nutritionist and personal trainer, and her “Walk On The Healthy Side” 6-Week Nutrition Jump-Start Package.

Lindsay’s approach to nutrition, eating, exercise, and living as healthy as you can, has been life changing. In 6 weeks, without calorie counting or points, I lost 10 pounds, but ALSO I am healthier and feel like a completely different person with a totally new and positive outlook on nutrition and exercise. Lindsay also helped me to sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

I have never met Lindsay in person, although I could have, if I wanted. Our entire interaction was by phone calls, emails, and texts, which suited my busy lifestyle fine. My program with Lindsay started with a free 20-minute initial health consultation, in which we discussed my health goals and how we could best work together. Lindsay then gave me a personal health assessment. Thereafter, we had weekly accountability check-ins by text or email, 4 one-on-one telephone sessions that all lasted more than an hour, a food journal analysis, and unlimited e-mail and text support between sessions. Lindsay also sent me meal and fitness plans, links to helpful nutrition and exercise apps, individual goals and recommendations for each stage of the process, links to useful videos, articles, recipes, grocery shopping guides and grocery lists, and advice for reading food labels and eating healthily at restaurants. In addition, Lindsay always promptly emailed me detailed post-telephone session appointment notes.

After our last session, she told me she wanted to hear updates of how I was doing and told me not to hesitate to reach out to her at any time with a question or concern. I won’t!

Lindsay has put me on a path to health that I am confident will last a lifetime. Thank you Lindsay! You are the total package! I am very grateful to you.”

- Carole W.

“I got in touch with Lindsay in September with the goal of losing a few (about 5-7) pounds for my January wedding. I’m so glad I did!! It was such a great investment. Lindsay was very supportive, warm, easy to talk to, and organized. I thought that I was a generally healthy person, but she helped me tweak my habits so that I could optimize both my nutrition and my exercise. She really took into consideration my lifestyle and diet preferences. Not only did I learn a lot, she also helped motivate me to make longer-term lifestyle changes. I ended up reaching my goal, and I’m hoping that I can maintain my gains with the knowledge that I acquired from Lindsay. I was sad that our time had to come to an end, but feeling confident that I can continue on my own. Thanks Lindsay!”

- Ariana P.

After working out consistently for a couple months and not seeing any changes to my body, I knew I had to get my nutrition on point. I always thought I knew how to eat healthy but after trying many different things and definitely not sticking to it, I knew I needed some education. When I first met Lindsay, I knew instantly she was someone I wanted in my corner. She understood cravings, how to make eating healthy fun and most importantly she was motivating. I can honestly say working with Lindsay for 6 short weeks changed my life. I learned how to eat healthy for me- Balancing meals properly, incorporating snacks to curb my cravings and how to stay on track while traveling. Not only did I see a difference in the scale, I slowly started to see a difference in my confidence, willpower and overall wellbeing. To me, that is what I was looking for; the numbers on the scale would come later if I believed in myself. I cannot thank Lindsay enough for her support, tips, recipes and encouragement along the way. She has changed my life and my awareness of what foods I put in my body.

- Julie C.

“Lindsay was an amazing health coach – I had no idea what I was getting into, as it was my first time using any kind of coach, but I ended up signing up for two 3-month sessions because I was getting so much out of it. Her approach was very supportive and I learned a lot about how to best eat *for my own body* and not trying to eat how I thought someone “should” eat. My migraines mostly went away and I was able to feel more confident choosing foods that I knew would make my body feel well rather than always wondering what to eat. I loved that all of our meetings were by phone, so much easier than scheduling in-person meetings. I highly recommend her!”

- Annie M.

“I was gaining a pound or two a year and despite doing tons of cardio and eating healthy-ish, could not drop a pound for a decade or so. I found Lindsay, scheduled an initial call with her, and signed up for a 6-week Boost Your Metabolism course. And we did!

5 months later, I am 8 pounds lighter. And my eating is so much better. I was doing 85% well, but it was that 15% that has made an enormous difference in my life. The best part is that it truly is a lifestyle change, which I was ready for. It’s not a diet, it’s not a quick fix. It’s a comprehensive program that deals with your body and mind and habits. So good; highly recommend. Plus, she’s just a lovely person to chat with! Completely non-judgmental, understanding, and so nice. Her course was such a nice gift to myself. If you’re contemplating: Do it!”

- Justine J.

“Working with Lindsay was seriously one of the best decisions I have ever made. The transformation in my health and mindset that I have undergone through working with her has been incredible. I had struggled with gut/digestion problems for over a decade and was becoming intolerant to more and more foods, and things seemed to be getting worse. But once I started working with Lindsay, I noticed improvement within the first week and in a few more weeks, I felt like whole new person. She helped me get my health back which has been life-changing. My health, mood, energy, and outlook have been improved, and I finally feel like I understand how to eat to best fuel my body. Lindsay is the best! I would recommend her to anyone wanting help with gut problems, wanting to lose weight, wanting more energy, or just looking to eat healthier.”

- Kelly P.

“Lindsay and I worked together on the 6 week plan. She helped me so much, and she is wonderful! I was simply stressed about food all the time, constantly trying new diets, cutting things out and then over eating when I was sick of the diet. Lindsay educated me on food, gave me many recipes and food/snack ideas, walked me through grocery shopping smartly, was quick to respond to questions. and so much more. This was my first time to get real help with my nutrition. There is so much false information on the internet and I just wanted a source that I could trust – a friend was working with Lindsay and recommended that I reach out. I am so glad I did because Lindsay was more than what I was looking for! Her encouragement was motivating and her advise really helped.
Only doing a 6 week plan can be tough because I didn’t see any huge physical changes throughout the 6 weeks, but I felt the change in how much better I was feeling daily – more energy and confident in my food selections. Now a few months have passed since we worked together, and I feel the best I’ve ever felt. I have seen physical results now and continue to rely on the information that I learned from Lindsay daily. Call her, take the leap!!!!”

- Jean F.

“I started working with Lindsay doing her 6 week session and ending up doubling my plan with her because I found her coaching really valuable and 100 % worth investing in! I wasn’t sure at first if the remote aspect would work out for me but it ended up being much more convenient and I think absolutely just as effective.

Lindsay is inspiring and you want to take her advice, to me she strikes the perfect balance between being realistic about work and social life etc but also motivating and encouraging you to really achieve improvements and make substantial changes. I felt accountable to her – in a good way! Most importantly, I think her plan and philosophy truly works.

I absolutely think I will work with Lindsay again in the future and I have encouraged all my girlfriends who want support in this part of their life (does anyone not?) to call her!

- Kristen O.

I signed up with Lindsay about a month ago and I could not be more impressed with her knowledge and enthusiasm. Beyond nutrition, she served as a fitness advisor, personal and life coach. In just 4 weeks, I’ve seen great results both physically and mentally. I’ve modified my food plan and feel great. I’m much more in tune with how different foods make me feel. My workouts are so much more effective and I love the additional weekly challenges as well as the health and fitness education Lindsay provided. I highly recommend Lindsay. She is such a positive force and has helped me immensely in a holistic sense – mind, body and soul. We are setting aggressive but realistic goals and she helps you mentally prepare and cheerleads along the way. She has really helped me with a lifestyle shift and equipped me with the right tools. If you are considering a nutritionist, definitely sign up for Lindsay! She is passionate and just a fabulous person who’s genuinely invested in your success.

- Gina M.

“Lindsay is the type of person that lifts everyone around her to a better level. She was a great resource to Sue and myself when we decided to change our lifestyle. Lindsay is personable and creative. She is a super resource with the highest standards of integrity. Her knowledge about nutrition is unending and only exceeded by her capacity to translate that knowledge into plans of action to change your life style. Lindsay’s counseling style is supportive and based upon knowledge based feed back.”

- Jack & Sue R.

“Lindsay helped me recover from a slide where I was putting on serious weight. She came in with an expert plan and backed it by being a terrific coach. She is flexible with her availability but absolute in getting your eating and fitness plans done correctly. We set up our meetings and Lindsay was always organized and positive. She relayed insights that I will keep for a lifetime with both eating and fitness. As the star rating says her Walk on the Healthy Side is as good as it gets!” 

- John B.

“Lindsay is a phenomenal nutritionist! I decided to see her after I realized I became stagnant in my diet, kept eating the same things over and over again which did not allow me to lose weight-my ultimate goal. I decided to take a leap of faith and signed up for Lindsay’s six week program. During the six weeks, Lindsay provided me with a myriad of recommendations and suggestions to change my diet and mix up my workout plan which allowed me to lose 12 pounds in such a short period of time. Six weeks later, I find myself aware about the food I’m eating, prepared to balance off a “bad day” with clean, healthy eating the day after and even actively following bloggers who give me great recipe ideas per her recommendation. Lastly, Lindsay was extremely professional, punctual and a great communicator. If I ever emailed her with a question she would always get back to me in less than 24 hours. I am extremely impressed with her work and highly recommend her.”

- Stephanie M.

“LIFE CHANGING. I’m a nurse and know all about nutrition backward and forward but putting the mind and spirit with healthy eating makes all the difference in the world. And yes, I even learned a lot more about nutrition, too! Lindsay is worth every penny, in fact priceless. I have ideas, habits and skills to take me many years in the future. I feel better than I have in 10-15 years and expect to continue to feel great long into the future with what she has taught me. It’s not a diet. Like she said in our first conversation, “you die on a diet”. This is for living your best you!!! If you want the REAL deal about eating well and weight loss, Lindsay is the best. No, you aren’t going to lose ridiculous unsustainable amounts of weight immediately. She says focus on eating well and not the scale! I’m hopeful for once in my life that this I can do and there’s no end point!”

- Beverly S.

“Lindsay is an encouraging coach who intimately understands her clients and the areas they need to work on. Lindsay has helped me come up with fun gluten-free, sugar-free recipes while managing my Lyme Disease treatment, keeping a challenging and emotional experience fun and creative. I’m always most impressed with her energy, enthusiasm and commitment to her clients. Plus, she has a breadth of knowledge that will take whatever understanding of health you have to the next level. She’s amaaaazing.”

- Katie D.

“Know you need to make a lifestyle change but unsure of where to begin? Look no further than Lindsay Hunt. This was my first time with a nutritionist, and I was impressed by:

1) The level of thought and detail she put into the program. It was customized around my elementary cooking skills and very long work hours.

2) How easy it was to talk to her about challenges and limitations.

3) How to make lifestyle changes versus a short term diet. It all centers on our relationship to food and motivation to stay healthy.

Lindsay determined that I needed a four-week course after an initial free consultation. I dropped five pounds and found her recommendations easy to follow.

I highly recommend her program.”

- Shelia P.

“Lindsay is incredible. Not only is she a wealth of information, amazing at what she does, and super friendly, she’s genuinely interested in helping her clients with an incredibly wide array of health and fitness issues. I would recommend her in a heartbeat…look no further.”

- John S.

“Working with Lindsay has been a total game changer for me! My struggles with eating have been 100% tied to my emotions, so I was looking for someone who could help correct that deeper issue rather than simply hold me accountable to a strict diet. Thankfully, I found the PERFECT coach in Lindsay. She didn’t put me on a diet – she changed the way I eat (and live my life) for the long haul. I have a completely different relationship with food now than I did before I started working with her and feel like a different person. I couldn’t imagine a more supportive coach and can’t even begin to express my gratitude for the changes she’s made in my life!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lindsay!!!!”

- Sarah M.

“I work in health care and always had the impression that I knew what I should be eating and doing; I didn’t need a nutritionist.  I just needed to eat healthier but I never was able to get started or stick with a diet that worked. I decided to take a chance on Lindsay and I am SO happy that I did. Lindsay has helped me completely change my lifestyle and not only have I lost weight but I have been able to maintain it. I can’t recommend Lindsay enough, the investment that I have made has absolutely been worth it. In addition, she is sooo nice and it always feels like I am just talking to one of my friends! I can’t thank her enough!”

- Aly H.

“Working with Lindsay was incredible! Throughout the 6-week course, I got multiple e-mails from her and she was always available to me when I texted her with any questions. She sends motivation quotes and really truly wants to see you succeed.

I would recommend her to anyone!”

- Suzanne L.